shibaoshan mountain Tours – Yunnan Province, Jianchuan, China

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shibaoshan mountain

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Shibaoshan scenic area, Jianchuan county,Dali, Yunnan province, China, Jianchuan, Yunnan Province
Hours : 08:00-18:00

About this place

Shibaoshan Mountain (stone treasure mountain)  is 25Km from Jianchuan county, Dali,  because of the red sandy rock in the mountain looks like a bell, elephent & lion, hence the name. the mountain is 25 squre kilometers.  the highest altitude in shibaoshan mountain is 3038m.

The mountain is home of hundreds of  wild monkey , it is famous for Luxuriant forests, unique rock landscape and misterious buddhist temples, especially famous for the  grottoes and cliff statues which was carved in Tang dynasty (618AD—907AD),  the grotto enjoys reputation as the "southwest of dunhuang", (Dunhuang is  famous for grottos, it is on the route of silk road) .  It has been one of  the national key cultural relics protection unit since 4th, April, 1964.

The grotto is an artistic treasure ,  together 17 fine carvings and  full-bodied grottoes ,the figure  is vivid and unique, they are mixture of Tibetan  buddhism and Bai ethnic style, it also has the influence of  indian art.

The mountain is not only a beautiful, historic site, but also rich in ethnic customs ,  the annual singing fesitval of bai people is held here.  the festival is  known as "Bai people valentine's day".  that's why Jianchuan county has a nick name:  "the City of Chinese folk songs" . during the festival,  Bai young men and women and  singers from Dali, Jianchuan,Lijiang and lanping are gathering on the mountain,  the festival is naturally become an important social situations for young people.    shibaoshan singing festival has been listed as state-level intangible cultural heritage by the state council in 2008.

The Date of annual singing festival is 27th of July to 29th of July in  chinese lunar calendar.  the festival of 2013 will be held from 2th of September to 4th of September in solar calendar, if you are planning your trip in september, Don't miss the festival.

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By JonLijiang,

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Tailor-made Yunnan experiences!

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