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Situated on the old Silk Road, Kashgar is remarkably closer to Damascus than it is to Beijing! Located in the most western part of China, visitors to the city need to cross a vast desert to get here and its remote setting is in part what makes it so interesting to visit. Kashgar remains an important trading post to this very day and consequently it has a fascinating mix of cultures and peoples who have moved here over the centuries. The Old Town with its Uyghur architecture and lively bazaars are particularly great to visit and, with so many different cuisines available; it´s time to treat your stomach! Predominantly Muslim, the lovely Id Kah Mosque is a visible reminder of an identity that is increasingly under threat as more and more Han Chinese migrate to the city. Before leaving, make sure to visit the Sunday market – here huge numbers of people from around Central Asia come to trade in the city and consequently there is a lively and bustling atmosphere about the place.

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Image of Kashgar in China

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