Western Sichuan Driving Tour - 5 Days (Hailuogou Kangding Danba Siguniang)

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Duration : 3 to 5 days
Starting Price : 900USD/Person

Tour Description

Panda is not the only thing to look in Sichuan. We also have big mountains, stunning glaciers and rich Tibetan culture to present you. In this 5-day Wild Sichuan Highlight Tour, you have the chance to experience real Tibetan culture and beautiful Tibetan landscapes. Highlights of this adventure include Hailuogou Glacier Park, Tagong Tibetan town, Danba Tibetan Village and the snow-capped Mount Siguniang.

Day 01 Chengdu – Shangli Old Village - Hailuogou
Prepare yourself for the drive to Ya'an (about 2~2.5 hours driving). In Ya'an, you will visit Shangli Ancient Town which used to be an important town on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. During the Long March, the Red Army once stationed in the town and left many slogans carvings on the stone. Shangli Ancient Town is surrounded by beautiful mountains and river. Here you can see not only century-old streets, wood resident house, towers, ancient archways, but also enjoy beautiful surrounding of green mountain and tranquil rivers. In the summer and autumn days, there are many art students come to the town to study and paint the bridges and waterside scenes. After the visit, drive into the bigger mountains via Ya’an-Kangding Express way to the base of Hailuogou Glacier Park. After arrival check in hotel and you can explore the small town Moxi on your own if time allows.Day 02 Hailuogou – Xinduqiao
Visit Hailuogou Glacier park in the morning using tourist site bus. Hailuogou Glacier Park is one of the biggest glacier parks in China. It has big glaciers of Minya Konka. During the hiking in the park, you will need to be aware of the elevation change. The elevation is between 2600 meters to 3600 meters. The visit to the park takes about 6 hours. After the visit, drive to Xinduqiao for about 4 hours and drive over Zheduo Pass at 4300 meters. Have a quick stop by the pass if weather is good and continue driving to and stay in Xindqiao for overnight.Day 03 Xinduqiao – Tagong – Danba
Have a morning walk in the believed-to-be “Paradise of Photographers” Xinduqiao to experience local Khampa Tibetan landscape and local people. Drive to Tagong. The drive takes about 0.5 hours. You will have 1 hour at Tagong Grassland on your own to explore the small village and the surroudings after a visit to the Tagong Monastery. From Tagong you can have views of the beautiful Zhara Latse, a 5800 meters’ holy mountain in Tagong and the local authentic Tibetan culture experience. After the stop at Tagong continue driving to Danba for another 3 hours during which you will have stops at Huiyuan Temple and the road pass and the Yak Valley to see the snow-capped mountains. Arrive in Danba and check in Hotel.Day 04 Danba – Mt. Siguniang
An early start to visit Danba Tibetan Village. Jiaju is one of the representatives of the Tibetan villages in Danba. It is authentic and traditional Tibetan villages. People there work in the farm and orchards. Their houses are unique and beautiful. The villages are located on the sunny slope and composed of over decades of families. The village bends into the shape of the mountain side: some lower and some higher. Green orchards and colorful houses made the villages here very attractive. After the visit, which takes about 1 hour, drive to mount Siguniang for about 3 hours and start your visit to Shuangqiao Valley of Mt. Siguniang. Shuangqiaogou Valley is a zigzagged, deep and quiet valley stretching over 35km in which there are more than 70 small attractions. Far away from your sight are the bright snow mountains, while surrounding you may be blooming flowers, flourish and colorful trees, or pure streams flowing from unknown place. Overnight in the town of Mount Siguniang.Day 05 Mt. Siguniang – Dujiangyan - Chengdu
Depart Mount Siguniang via Balangshan en route visit Dujiangyan Irrigation System, a project built by of the governor of Shu state, Li Bing. The irrigation system on the River was to prevent flooding. After a lengthy study and years’ hard work by the local people, the great Dujiangyan Irrigation Project was completed. Nowadays, the project still plays a crucial role in draining off floodwater, irrigating farms and providing water resources for more than 50 cities in Sichuan province. After the visit drive back to Chengdu. Trip ends.

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Western Sichuan Driving Tour - 5 Days (Hailuogou Kangding Danba Siguniang) Image of Western Sichuan Driving Tour - 5 Days (Hailuogou Kangding Danba Siguniang)

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