One-Day Biking from Chongzhou to Dujiangyan via Mt. Qingcheng --to Discover the Secret of the Land of Abundance

Image of One-Day Biking from Chongzhou to Dujiangyan via Mt. Qingcheng --to Discover the Secret of the Land of Abundance
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Duration : 1 day
Starting Price : 350USD/Person

Tour Description

Chongzhou County, 40km east to Chengdu, is the heart of west Sichuan basin. It’s been granted the nickname ‘Chengdu’s Chengdu’ since ancient times due to its rich soil, and typical plain views. Our featured starting point is Chongqing Road, titled the most beautiful country road in Sichuan. It was newly built after the earthquake in 2008 to connect Chongzhou to Dujiangyan city via Mt. Qingcheng. This one-day biking tour will let us explore the typical western Sichuan country life, enjoy the landscapes of both mountain and plain, and discover the secrets of the land of abundance.

With only one hour’s drive from downtown Chengdu, we will get to a tiny village in Chongzhou, where we start our biking tour. A short stop in the village offers us enough time to have a quick look at the locals’ life. An exclusive cycle track paved there secures our cycling to be safe and comfortable. Then we go onto the mountain roads, where villages scatter all along. As we bike on, views coming in sight are green-shaded mountain ranges on the one side, and crop fields on the other. Road conditions are good. After two slopes, we cycle out the mountain area, getting to the flat roads. Local villagers will get surprised and curious when we ride by, since not many foreigners know this route – the hidden beauty.

On our way to Mt. Qingcheng, we will stop in an old town, which is quite popular among local tourists. After sipping a cup of tea, we keep going in the direction of Mt Qingcheng. But instead of the mountain itself, we will head towards our lunch place, a local tea farm. If the time is right, we may see and learn from the locals to pick and make the tea.

The tour after lunch will again be on mountain roads, heading to Dujiangyan city. This is another highlight as more mountain views coming into sight. To protect its beautiful natural environment, the local authority has built a panda valley to preserve the wild flora and fauna. For another hour’s ride, we will reach our destination - Dujiangyan city.

Driving Distance:  1.5 hours one way
Biking Distance: 50km/4-5 hours

Chongqing Road (Cycle from Chongzhou to Mt. Qingcheng 35km/2.5 - 3 hours biking)
It’s been titled the most beautiful country road in Sichuan once it was finished after the earthquake in 2008. It connects Chongzhou and Dujiangyan through mountain areas. All the way along our ride, you are accompanied by great scnery: farmers working in paddy fields, cattles and fowls snoozing by trees or swimming in ponds, or hill slopes covered with  orchards. Every weekend, people living nearby would come for fun rides or drives.

Cycle track from Mt. Qingcheng to Dujiangyan (15km/1.5 hours biking)
This track used to be the local country road connecting Dujiangyan and Mt. Qingcheng, rugged and bumpy. After the earthquake in 2008, the local government rebuilt it to be a safe and comfortable access, with an exclusive cycle track. The good road condition and beautiful scenery along the way make it so popular among the locals that every afternoon they would invite neighbors for a walk or ride. More interestingly, on the way there is a panda valley where about 15 pandas are raised. It is said to be open in 2015.

Tea Farm in Mt. Qingcheng
Green tea from Mt. Qingcheng used to be supplied to imperial families, and has been famous since Tang Dynasty. The tea farm is about 5 km away from the mountain on a foothill, with a tea factory nearby. Visitors can not only look around the farm, but also see for themselves the processes of tea making. An annual Tea-Picking Festival is held there every April.



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