Beijing Chengde 2 Days Tour by Train or Bus

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Duration : 2 days
Starting Price : 489USD/Person

Tour Description

Day 01: Beijing to Chengde(D)--Kuixing Tower

Our tour guide will send train ticket or Bus ticket to your hotel or home .The buses from Beijing start from several bus stations, mainly from Beijing Liuliqiao Bus Station, Beijing Sihui Bus Station and Beijing Zhaogongkou Bus Station.
Arrval at chengde our local guide will pick up from train station to hotel for dinner.Then visit to Kuixing Tower have a enjoyable nightlife which is rich variety of leisure in Chengde,the existing Chengde Kuixing Tower covers 66,000 more square meters. The main buildings are built according to the mountain's hypsography. From above to below, the buildings include towers, corridors, halls, pavilions and gardens, showing the distinctive style of Taoist architectures. The magnificent principal building is on the mountaintop, and Kuixing is enshrined in it. A lot of ancient stone inscriptions, woodcarvings and landscape paintings can be found on the corridor at the mountainside. Many Taoist immortals are enshrined in the Rongshi Hall and the Lezhen Hall below the corridor. The downmost building is the Gate Hall, which features a serial of frescos, such as the fresco Zhang Celestial Master, the God who Protects Taoist Doctrine.Transfer to your hotel.

Kuixing Tower:

Kuixing Tower is one of the famous Taoist buildings, located in the Chengde City of Hebei Province. It was first built in 1828 by Hai Zhong, a magistrate in Chengde, to pray for the cultural prosperity of the place he managed. Kuixing (God of Literature) of Taoism was enshrined at here, so it was called as the Kuixing Tower. In the view of Chinese people, Kuixing can bless students to pass the imperial examinations. So there were buildings of this kind in many places before the 20th century.

Day 2 : Chengde(B L)--Mountain Resort, Little Potala Palace, Puning Temple,Qingchuifeng National Forest Park

Pick up from your hotel lobby at around 9:00am.transfer to Summer Mountain Resort by car, The palace is surrounded by a wall over ten kilometers long, meandering along the mountain ridges. It is the largest and best-preserved imperial palace outside of the capital Beijing.Then visit Little Potala Palace and Puning Temple .Lunch at a special characteristic restaurant.

In the afternoon transfer to Qingchuifeng National Forest Park for sightseeing. Take round-way cable car to the Qingchuifeng Peak, which is also called "Wooden Club Peak" because of its shape. From top of the peak you can have a bird's eye view of Chengde city.Besides, you can visit Anyuan temple,which is one of the Eight Outer Temples of Chengde. It was built in 1756 by Emperor Qianlong following his victory over the Dzungar people of Outer MongoliaThe trip will finished at 6pm.Then you can return Beijing by train Chengde to Beijing 4454(22:01 - 03:31) or by bus.

Summer Mountain Resort:

The Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples, Chengde, is a piece of landscape design that served as the summer resort of the Qing emperors. By the end of the 17th century the Qing emperors had established their capital at Beijing, and they began to look around for somewhere cool and green to retreat to when the dusty heat of summer set in. They found what they were looking for at Chengde, beyond the Great Wall.Here they created a summer residence, exploiting mountains, woods and other existing natural features.

Puning Temple:

Puning Temple is a splendid combination of the Han style and the Tibetan style. Architectures in its south part are of the Han style, with its entrance, Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Great Buddha Hall lying on the axle wire, and the bell tower and drum tower, and west and east side halls lying both sides. In total it is 150 metres long from north to south, and 70 metres wide. With regard to the architecture in the north part, they are of Tibetan style, centred with Mahayana Hall. Other architectures here include fortification buildings such as Hongtai, Baitai, and four white lamaist pagoda.

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Beijing Chengde 2 Days Tour by Train or Bus Image of Beijing Chengde 2 Days Tour by Train or Bus Image of Beijing Chengde 2 Days Tour by Train or Bus Image of Beijing Chengde 2 Days Tour by Train or Bus

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