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Sunny Night Club
午夜阳光 (wǔ yè yáng guāng)

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No. 10 Jiuwei Lu, Bajing Jie, Heping Dist., China, Liaoning Province, Shenyang
Hours : open late

About this place

       The newly remodeled (May 2008) Sunny Night Club is one of the largest, and overall the most popular club in Shenyang. It is packed with people pretty much every night of the week, and attracts Chinese customers, as well as foreigners from every part of the world. 
       Since the 2008 remodeling project, Sunny’s has a unique layout. The club is actually separated into two bars. The larger section now attracts mostly Chinese customers and features a stage show with Chinese and Filipino singers and dancers. The smaller bar, unofficially known as “the foreigner bar”, is located near the club entrance. This bar is meant to be more suited to foreigners’ preferences, and has already become an extremely popular late-night stop for many foreigners. From about 8pm-midnight the Filipino musicians switch back and forth between the two bars. From about 11-midnight, the “foreigner bar” switches between the live music and several different DJs. After midnight it’s all dance music, and the bar can get very crowded. 
       The new Sunny’s is quite an improvement because the club now can appeal to a variety of different tastes. If you like techno music and late-night dancing, this is the place to be. Now, it’s a also a good place to have a relaxed drink or two if you come a bit earlier in the evening. 
The new bar now has a wide variety of foreign and Chinese food. 
Costs: There’s no cover charge. Beers and cocktails start at 25元。   

Location: At the corner of Ba Jing Jie (八经街) and Jiu Wei Lu (九纬路), a few blocks east of Zhong Shan Square (中山广场).  All Shenyang taxi drivers know "wǔ yè yáng guāng."



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If you want to get stressed with the service you can go to this club
This club is very popular between foreignters since long lime, when the club had good foreign managers. That time we always had someone to ask to make an order and someone who took care about us. For now service in the club is terrible. No one from bartenders and waitresses understand English. It's imossible to explane what do you want to order. Coctailes made with very bad quality alchohol. Managers are rude and unprofessional. Our last visit when we had a problem with a bartender and more
I am satisfied with the club and its entertainment.
I am Omega from Sri lanka. Actually past 10 months I have being many times to the sunny night club.I am satisfied with the club as a night club in shenyang,north east China.In foreign section I can also listen to Indian music,hip hop and Drinks are also not bad the best imported drinks, jhonny warker,Divars,Jack daniels,absolute.and with some other clubs in Shenyang there service is better and now they have made dancing floor bigger than early.and new appearance.and modern technology can be more

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