Horticulture Exposition/Botanical Gardens Tours – Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China

Horticulture Exposition/Botanical Gardens

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No. 301 Shuangyuan Lu, China, Liaoning Province, Shenyang
Hours : 9am-5pm, Tickets stop being sold at 4 pm

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The widely publicized (around Shenyang) “2006 International Horticultural Exposition” (世界园艺博览会 shì jiè yuán yì bó lǎn huì) was one of the most significant events ever to be held in Shenyang. Though the official “Expo” was during the summer of 2006, the park itself and most of the attractions are still open, and this year the park will play host to another event: the “2007 UNESCO World Heritage Exposition” (June 9-October, 2007).  
The park, commonly known in English as the Expo, and in Chinese as shìbóyuán (世博园), includes the old Shenyang Botanical Gardens (植物园) as well many new exhibits including a large indoor rose garden, a rare flower market, the “Lily Tower”--a large glass tower that provides a great view of the surrounding area, the “Phoenix Tail”--a large metal structure that forms the entrance to the grounds, many “International Gardens” which are supposed to represent horticulture from around the world, a Mongolian horse show, food vendors, beer gardens, some live entertainment including traditional performances from some of China’s ethnic minorities, a motorcycle show, and more. 
The park is huge, and it’s probably impossible to see everything in one day. However, walking through the “International Gardens” can be a bit monotonous as they all look a bit similar. Many people will enjoy the old Botanical Gardens more than the new attractions, as it is quieter and the flora is older and more natural. Find a map of the park--the old section is south of the train tracks. 
Aside from flowers and trees, the Botanical Garden features a carnival with rides and games, and a canal with dozens of different types of bridges challenging you to cross (be wary of friends who may be eager to push you in the water).
Location: One hour west of the city center by bus, a few km past Dongling Park, and just east of Qipan Shan Scenic Area. A taxi there will cost you at least 50 yuan, but most westbound trains from Shenyang’s stations stop there. Also you can take the 168 (formerly 330) bus from Ma Lu Wan or Da Shuai Fu for 5 yuan (1 hour). During the Expo, there are dozens of special charter buses leaving from all over the city, so if you ask around you may be able to find one close to you. If you can’t find one, simply go to Ma Lu Wan, or North Train Station. 



Be careful crossing these bridges!!

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Expo is a fun place to go in Shenyang.
<p>Expo looks like a fun place too, i thought it only have plants and gardens. I would liek to cross these bridges if i were there.&nbsp; How deep is the water? I am not good at swimming.</p>

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