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Green Mile Pub
绿里酒吧 lǜ lǐ jiǔbā

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No. 3-1 Bei San Jing Jie, China, Liaoning Province, Shenyang
Hours : 5pm-late, pizza delivery open from noon

About this place

Over the past few years, this small pub has become one of the most popular stops for many foreigners in Shenyang.  The Green Mile Pub has teamed up with "NYPD Pizza", and now offers the best pizza to be found in Shenyang!  The bar is not huge, but it's extremely popular with expats and locals alike.  It has a laid back atmosphere, friendly staff, good (strong) cocktails, and great pizza.  They will also deliver pizza for orders over 100 RMB.  Other food on the menu includes calzones, sandwiches, and chicken wings.          


Local beers: 10 yuan. Mixed drinks: 20-40 yuan. Pizzas 30-160 yuan       


Location: The pub is just west of Government Square [1], and just southeast of North Market on Yi Wei Lu (一纬路). To find it, first go to the intersection of San Jing Jie (三经街) and Shi Fu Da Lu (市府大路). Yi Wei Lu is a small road just south of Shi Fu Lu. The Green Mile is 100 meters to the east of San Jing Jie.       

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<p>a feeling of considerable warmth</p>
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<p>came during biz trip - &nbsp;Great place, nice people, funny prices</p> <p>for sure will come again</p>

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