Beiling Park and Zhaoling Tomb Tours – Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China

Beiling Park and Zhaoling Tomb
北陵公园, 昭陵 běi líng gōng yuán, zhāo líng

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Enter at the intersection of Beiling da jie and Taishan lu., China, Liaoning Province, Shenyang
Hours : 8am-5pm

About this place

Beiling (literally “north tomb”) is one of Shenyang’s largest parks, and certainly it’s most famous. The park itself is huge and quite nice, and you could easily spend half a day wandering around the ponds and trees. In the summer the park is filled with people flying kites, dancing, cycling, and practicing Tai ji (太极). In the winter you can ride horses, skate, and go sledding on the frozen ponds. 
The Zhaoling tomb is located in the center of the park. Entrance to the tomb area requires a separate ticket (30 yuan). Built in 1643 by famous Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, the shrine is walled in by a large stone wall. Within the walls are several Qing Dynasty style buildings, and the tomb itself is a large earthen mound with a single elm tree growing from the top. 
The Qing Dynasty was ruled by the Manchus, whose home was in northeastern China. Shenyang (then called ‘Shenjing’) served briefly as the Manchu capital before they moved to Beijing and established their dynasty. For the next 200 years, the Qing emperors periodically made tours through the northeast to visit their homeland and pay homage to their ancestors, including Huang Taiji (皇太极) and his empress who are buried here at Zhaoling.         
The Zhaoling tomb, along with the Imperial Palace, are Shenyang’s most significant historical sites, and well worth a visit. All the buildings are beautiful and very well preserved; and the signs are interesting and informative with fairly good English translations.  The shrine is particularly beautiful and serene in the winter with freshly fallen snow.  Plan on spending half a day in Beiling Park, and 45-60 minutes in the Zhaoling shrine. 
Location:  On the far north side of the city. The entrance is located at the intersection of Beiling da jie (北陵大街) and Taishan lu (泰山路).  All taxi drivers will know "běi líng gōng yuán".

Useful Bus Routes:
220 from South Station, Taiyuan Street, Zhongshan Square
213 from North Tower, South Tower, Middle Street, Wu Ai Market
210 from Taiyuan Street, South Station, Ma Lu Wan, Liaoning University
217 from North Train Station
205 from South Train Station, Liaoning University
227 from Wu Ai Market
290 from North Train Station, Middle Street
265 from Shoe City, Lu Mei, Exhibition Center, Government Square, U.S. Consulate,
                 Huigong Square
136 from North Train Station
245 from South Tower, North Tower
800 from San Hao Street, Wu Ai Market, Huigong Square, North Train Station
242 from Liaoning University, Bei Hang
231 from North Market
245 from North Tower


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Great photos of Beiling Park.
<p>These photos of Beiling park looks great and these palaces are really a good represent of Empire culture and statues used to like in China.&nbsp; But if i go i will go on the Summer time, it looks really cold in winter time though.</p>

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