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Xichang historical

In the Shanghai area, Xinchang is a comparatively complete historical town. It is the last ancient Watertown around Shanghai, still with the original lifestyle and architecture. More than 55% of the architecture from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties and the era of the Republic of China (1912-1949) have been preserved.

The Xinchang ancient town is in Naihui district of Shanghai, between the heart of the city and the airport. It is 36 kilometres from the People’s Square and only 25 kilometres from the Pudong International Airport. With this location, Xichang is a perfect place to visit when you have a longer stopover at Pudong International airport of Shanghai.

Originally Xichang was the place of the Xiasha salt farm, where salt was captured from seawater. As the beach grew out, the salt farm became a place for salt people to live and exchange goods. When Xinchang became a town, Xiasha salt farm was in its heyday, with more salt production and cooking stoves than the salt farms in western Zhejiang. Today, the ancient town is known as "A small new town in Suzhou". It has accumulated a profound history and culture and is favoured by more people for its tranquillity, beauty and appearance. Xichang ancient town is very similar to towns like Zhouzhuang and Zhujiajiao in that it has narrow river channels through the town, exquisitely carved stone arch Bridges, houses built alongside the water, high stone revetments, the horse-shaped water Bridges along the river and monumental "stalagmite lane" archway built back in 1986. Xinchang town is noted for being "small, but as beautiful as Suzhou city."

If you wander in Xinchang Watertown for a day, you will have a lot to see: the small temples with big Buddha statues, the ancient musical instrument museum, the oil-painting studio and the ordinary residents’ house. In December 2008, the town was named "Famous Historic Culture Town of China" by the State Construction Administration and State Cultural Relic Bureau.

Recommended places to visit in Xichang: Ceremonial Arch, Ancient Gingko, 10 Bamboo Root Scenic Spots, First Tea House.

From all the Watertowns in the Shanghai area, Xichang is by far the quietest one.  It is not a place where you will see a lot of other tourists.

How to get there:
From Shanghai Longyuang station you can travel by Metro and bus in 45 minutes. From Pudong airport, you can travel by Maglev super fast train and metro or travel by taxi.