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Second largest Starbuck in the world.

In December 2017, Starbucks opened its big coffee restaurant in Shanghai. At that time, it was the biggest in the world, but in 2019 they opened an even bigger one in Chicago.
But he restaurant in Shanghai which is called the ‘Reserve Roastery’ and it’s located on West Nanjing Road (Nanjing Xi Lu) is still a marvellous place to drink a coffee or eat a bite.
The brand defines it as “a coffee theatre with a Chinese Spirit”. It is a venue with 2 700 square meter’s shop, which is 15 times bigger than a classic Starbucks’s shop (around 200 m2). This shop has 400 employees and can serve around 500 persons at the same time!
The store concept :
It is an up-market store with premium quality of products and services. There is an in-house artisanal bakery, a long coffee bar, a Teavana bar, a shop with clothes, goodies, food, Italian catering (in collaboration with Prince Bakery), cooking utensils and professional tools for coffee or tea making. The coffee Aficionado will also find rare products, such as « grand crus » unfindable elsewhere, such as Yunnan, a region best known for its teas.

TaoBao & Alibaba :
To create a real buzz Starbucks cooperates with TaoBao and Alibaba. They launched a special app that offers customers a nice and interactive way to learn about coffee and the process of coffee roasting. And it really worked because nowadays there are more than 4500 Starbuck in China.

The ‘Reserve Roastery’ in Shanghai is a very nice place to drink a coffee or to enjoy some nice food.

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