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Kingdom of Women

Lots of people know Lugu lake through Namu .she is the name card  of her peopleto the outside world  .

Namu is also  the most famous Mosho women in China  , who wrote a book about her life as a young lady left her homeland ,went to big city during the culture revolution time  ,running after her dream of becoming a singer ,her book is    called  leaving mother lake .she is a professional singer .

Mosho is the  only society in which women rule and the only  ethnic   group  in Yunnan who practice walking marriage ,they are free to choose their lover .in their culture there is no such idea as marriage .the oldest or the wise  women is the boss of this kingdom in each small family  , every single property  in the household are in the hands of the women ,she is also the decision maker .when they have kids , the kids live with the women s family and the uncle of this family act as the father rule , they  value the family first before anything else , and their relationship is at the bottom of the list , the women always keep her lover in the dark ,nobody need to know and its no one s business , when u r in love with a man  ,the man come to your house  after midnight while everyone is asleep ,he needs to climb into the women s bedrooms . before the sunrise the man have  to leave the women to return to his own family .when a secret couple wants to settle down then they hold a small ritual in front of the fire god where people normally cook their meals as well as a place to sit to spend the rest of evening between the family .this is also  the most holy place in any private house .only after this ritual your relationship is open .but when couple are free to split up to find other lover .