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Top of China's Photography Destination-- Kanas in Urumqi China

Best time for viewing: late September

In south Kanas are birch woodlands, and Kanas River and Hemu River flow into the Irtysh River, both forming a semicircle and flowing around the Altay Mountains to Russia and Mongolia. Forest-clad mountains and limpid streams complete the scene. The peaks of the Altay Mountains is are covered with pure white snow all year round. Few inhabitants live here, and the vegetation is very well preserved.

Every autumn sees an annual performance appearance of a variety of colors: birch leaves turn yellow, maple leaves turn red. When the autumn wind blows, the entire mountain quivers. All you can see is an ocean of golden brown. In this fairytale world, even visitors walk carefully lest they trample the epicormic branch, hurt the grass, and destroy and disturb the tranquility and flawlessness of nature.

Kanas is on the top of China's photography destinations.