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Jiaozuo Wenxian Chenjiagou

    Chenjiagou locates at 5 kilometers east of Wenxian City, 35 kilometers from Jiaozuo City Area. 

    The original name of Chenjiagou is Changyang Village, Chen's family member immigranted to this place in Ming Dynasty, and there was a deep ditch in the village, so finally this place changed the name from Changyang Village to Chenjiagou, Chen means: family name Chen, Jia means: Family, Gou means: Ditch.

    The world famous boxing style- Taiji Boxing, just originated and born here in Chenjiagou, so that is the reason why Chenjiagou is so famous.

    In1992, Chenjiagou was rated as the Nationwide martial art hometown by National Sports Commission. And there are hundreds of thousands of Taiji Boxing lovers come here for the learning of Taiji Boxing, and also for the sightseeing of Taiji Boxing.

    There were also many celebrities in Chenjiagou's history. One word to summarize this place, this is a great place for the culture of Taiji Boxing.

    Chenjiagou warmly welcomes friends from all over the world to come.

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