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Product Inspection Service in China

Product inspection is a vital step in managing product quality for importers with suppliers in China. C & T’s inspection services are catered to your specific product, requirements and budget. C & T has strong experience inspecting a variety of product categories.


Why conduct product inspection in China?


China has risen in recent decades to become a global manufacturing hub with factories ranging in both sophistication and quality. Product inspection remains one of the few reliable ways for you to confirm that your products meet your expectations before shipping.


By sending skilled professionals to your supplier's facility with your product requirements and criteria in hand, you can receive a timely and detailed report of your goods. This report is your key to understanding the situation at the factory, knowing the true condition and status of your order and being able to make an informed shipping decision.


Quality experts at C & T are standing by to assist you with managing your product quality through product inspection in China, and please feel free to contact us for quote and more further discussion.