How to Choose a Tour Guide


Synotrip is here to make it as easy for you to plan and book a tour with a Tour Guide of your choice.


You can follow our instructions below, or you can also watch our video guide: click here.


How to Get in Touch with Tour Guides

You can search for Tour Guides in many locations worldwide. 

  1. Start your search at any page, there is a tour guide search filter on the top of every page, you can also go, by using the filter you can select tour guides by location, services, transportation, services fees...
  2. Contact us by Email, WhatsApp or WeChat, send us the name of the tour guide, we will forward your request to them asap, then the tour guide will get in touch with you in person; if you don't know whom to choose, just give us some details about your trip, we will send a tour guide who matches your request to contact you.
  3. If there is no tour guide displayed on your destination, please contact us, we might have a recommendation for you.

You are always welcome to contact us, we would always love to help you to find your own tour guide.



With so many Tour Guides, who should you choose? Here are a few pointers.

  · See if there are reviews by other Trippers posted on their profile.

  · See how long the Tour Guide has been signed up on Synotrip. If they've been active for a long time, there's a good chance they've had the time to build up expertise and smooth out their service offerings.

  · Check out the content they've contributed. This can display their knowledge and enthusiasm.

  · Ask for references.

  · Choose somebody that you're comfortable with.

  · Don't be afraid to contact more than one Tour Guide and compare.


Getting The Most Out of Your Tour

Talk to your Tour Guide before meeting them to discuss your plan. Don't be shy to ask questions.

Here are some topics you might discuss:

  · The length of time they will work.

  · The number of people that will attend the Tour.

  · Who will pay entrance tickets, meal fees and transportation fees.

  · Whether or not tipping is expected.

  · Where you will be travelling together.

  · Where you will NOT be travelling together. It is not uncommon for Tour Guides to earn commissions from vendors in exchange for bringing travellers to gift shops. If you don't want to stop at any of these, let them know ahead of time.

  · Any special considerations you will need.

  · What currency you will be paying with. You pay the Tour Guide directly. Synotrip charges neither the Tripper nor the Tour Guide.

  · Finally, after using their services, please go to their profile and post a review. Both your Tour Guide and other Trippers will appreciate it!

  · Post reviews or photos elsewhere on the site.


Synotrip does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any member profile on Synotrip merely provides a platform for Tour Guides and travellers to meet. 

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