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Dali Shibaoshan Mountain Grottos
Dali Shibaoshan Shiku

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Shibaoshan Mountain, Jianchuan, Yunnan Province, China
Hours : 8:00am-6:30pm Jan.-Dec.

About this place

The Shibaoshan Scenic Area is located 25km southwest of Jianchuan County  in the northwest section of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, YunnanProvince. Shibaoshan, also known as Shanbao Mountain, is the southern branch of the LaoJun Mountain range.

Shibao Mountain is located in the midst of a picturesque landscape, with a broad view consisting of row upon row of mountain peaks, tranquil valleys, dense green forest, clear springs, and deep-buried ancient temple houses created by skilled Bai workers and talented artisans. The landscape here is fascinating and beautiful. Here "The Stone's in Blossom" matches very well with the natural landscape of red sandstone. These turtle-back stones were created by a century of rainwater,and it continues to developed. Besides, the Danxia landscape is the most picturesque view of all. Shibao Mountain was designated as the most important National tourist scenic area in China by the State Council in 1982. Also, the Shibaoshan Scenic Area is the centre part of the "Three Parallel Rivers', a UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site.

shuttle bus from Dali or Xizhou

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