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What's closed and what's open in Sichuan for foreigners in 2021?

Note there are updates. This news may be obsolete.

Most Tourist parks and attractions in Sichuan stay open for foreign travelers except Jiuzhaigou, Siguniang Parks, Huanglong Park, Dagu Glacier Park...Please see map below of what's closed and what's open in Sichuan.

From second half of 2021, foreigners (with proof of health) can travel to most parts of Sichuan. Please read below the updated list of places open for visiting for foreigners.

Places Open (to foreigners):
All except parks and sights in Aba Prefecture,meaning:

1. Chengdu and its sorroundings including Chengdu Panda Base, Jinli Street, Kuanzhai Alley, People's Park, Wenshu Monastery,Dufu's Cottage, Jinsha Museum, Sanxingdui Museum, Huanglongxi Old Town, Luodai Old Town, Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan, Jiezi Old Town, Pingle Old Town, etc
2. Leshan Grand Buddha and Mt. Emei and theri sorroundings. Ya'an and Zigong.
3. The Whole Garze Prefecture (including Kangding, Tagong, Daocheng Yading, Genyen, Hailuogou Glacier Park, Mugetso Park, Xinduqiao, Mt. Gongga, etc)
Note some places above can be closed temperarily for other reasons, for example, reconstruction, dry season fire restrictions. This kind of closure doesn't apply to foreigners only.

Places Closed (to foreigners):
1. Jiuzhaigou Park
2. Mt. Siguniang Parks
3. Huanglong Park and Songpan
4. Dagu Glacier Park
5. Langmusi and Zoige, Hongyuan Grassland
6. Barkam and Nyenpo Yurtse
7. Bipeng Valley and Taoping Village
Though the roads and hotels in Aba are able to take foreigners, meaning you can travel there but you can't get into the parks, making traveling there a bit pointless.

If you are a foreigner but you have Chinese National Identity Card, you can visit the places listed above, because you will be counted as a Chinese national.

Important Notice
1. The panda volunteer work that was once available before pandemic is now suspendid because of the virus. All Panda Bases have suspended panda volunteer work including Wolong, Ya'an, Dujiangyan Panda Bases.
2. Lots of parks, attractions and even roads are now using the quiet time of the pandemic, to reconstruct and upgrade. So it's possible there could be temperal shutdown of a place, and a delay or change of course due to road construction. So please be aware of this and make plans in accordance ahead of time.
3. Places that were closed to foreigners before the pandemic will stay closed to foreigners such as Larung Gar and Yarchen Gar.