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Buenos Aires First Visitors Tips

Buenos  Aires is a Vibrant City and is one of the biggest in the world  like Paris, Madrid, London, NYC. If you want to tour it is better to get a local guide to optimize your time as you will get lost with many activities and traffic and distances. 

First advisors: If it is your first time don´t be scare but just avoid using jewlery and be careful with pickpockets. Is nothing wrong with Buenos  Aires is just a big city and you have this problems specially if you don´t speak spanish and look like a tourist. 

Where to stay? Depend on how many days you have, your age, if you like more the day or night there are famous areas to stay.

Recoleta. Glamorous. Close to touristic point. 

Palermo. Trendy. Cool. Like Soho New York. Full of local designers and restaurants and nightlife.

Downtown. Close to touristic points. Busy during week days and day time.

Retiro is like Recoleta.

Those are the typical areas.

What about money? Argentina is not establish and you have to check about economy. I write this article in August, 2015 where we are havng 2 dollars rates.

official is aprox  9 pesos per dollar

not official or dollar blue is 13 aprox per dollar (depend on local and external politics)

Inflation is aprox 30% per year.

You cannot get dollars bills from ATM´s machines.

TANGO . It would be nice to enjoy a local tango dinner show. Ask to your guide to book tickets, it is always convenient as they know the places and get discounts and also the best seats.

SHOPPING . Is a big big city. Depend what you want to buy and if you don´t have enough time , get a personal shopper like a local guide and go around! 

FOOD. Steak, beef, malbec wine, dulce de leche, empanadas, italian pizza, alfajor, pastelitos fritos, mate, etc...typical food. Go with a local to enjoy them! 

Hire me! We can do all in one day!